Monday, May 08, 2017

Some who have pledged allegiance inside these walls have horror stories.

Two lawsuits against Penn State allege that university officials failed to respond appropriately to persistent problems with hazing and alcohol use at its fraternities...And that a Penn State employee -- a resident assistant -- knew about it, but didn't report it.

In one case, a member of the fraternity documented the hazing and reported it to the school, but he says he was ignored.

...a  grand jury has indicated it will take a look at the bigger picture: Was Penn State complicit in enabling a culture where there was no accountability?
...the "grand jury has chosen to develop a full report concerning the conduct of the Pennsylvania State University Interfraternity Council and, perhaps, the conduct of the university itself."

["Perhaps." And "Perhaps" not.]

Penn State is just now exiting the tunnel of one of the darkest university scandals in history -- the conviction of assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky for molesting young boys for decades, and three school officials for failing to report his crimes.

...critics accused school administrators of having a culture of silence. 

[Now that is not just an "accusation" by "critics." That is proven fact.]

Efforts to speak with officials about hazing- and alcohol-related problems have been declined,

[Ha! Yet, CNN reports that without evident irony.]

but Penn State provided written responses, saying in part, "Numerous recent reports demonstrate that regardless of size or location, hazing, binge drinking and related sexual assault issues are occurring throughout the country."

["You lynch negroes"!, Oh my God, that is whataboutism!]
According to the North-American Interfraternity Conference, Penn State has used a private security company to assist in monitoring fraternity social activities for the past several years.

[CNN, is this studied guilesness? Or do you really just lack guile? Why do you think Penn State would hire a private security company and not rely on campus police, PUBLIC law enforcement? Can you connect the dots, there are only two, do your best: A PROVEN "culture of silence" and hiring a PRIVATE security company, eschewing public professional law enforcement. Any connection you can fathom there?]