Monday, May 08, 2017

But they are not.

The first three are from Penn State student Kordel Davis who was present at the fraternity house the night and morning when sophomore Timothy Piazza, drunk off a hazing ritual, fell down stairs and became unconscious and died the next day. Nobody called the police until 10:30 the morning Piazza was unconscious, hours after he fell.

The last is from Tim Piazza's father Jim.

You have the Sandusky rapes--over decades. You have former judge and FBI Director Louis Freeh blaming "The Penn State Way" for the lack of institutional response to the Sandusky rapes. You have this case. Handled identically by students indoctrinated in The Penn State Way.

I don't know what it is going to take for law enforcement to charge the institution responsible for "The Way."  When will they see that these are not aberrations, they are according to the way Penn State operates, as a criminal enterprise behind the front of a university. Like Cosa Nostra ("our thing," Penn State's "Way.") operates behind fronts of bakeries, dry cleaners, raking in money no bakery or dry cleaner could, hidden in plain sight.

There are other bodies buried (figuratively, perhaps literally) in State College, Pennsylvania, like Stella Elizabeth Williamson buried her five babies' bodies, who she had murdered, in her attic for decades in Gallitzin, Pennsylvania, less than an hour southwest of State College, there are other scandals that have been buried, covered up at Penn State, discovered by law enforcement too late. That's the Pennsylvania way.