Monday, June 05, 2017

113-91 (-22) and 132-113 (-19). Three point improvement!

No, there is not much to like there. Cleve was competitive for a half in both games, down 8 in the first, 3 in the second. In both games however they got drenched by a Golden Shower in the third, 33-20 and 35-24. In eight quarters of play they have won one.

Different type games, though. I said different, not better. Cleve played good D in the first. Held The City to 42.5% shooting. Only shot 34.9 their own selves, though. LBJ had the worst +/- of any Cadaver, -22. It was the Big Three (28, 24, 15) and nothing in scoring. Their fourth "leading" "scorer" had 9.  For Golden Pond it was the Big Two and 8! Durant had 38, the Elf Magician 28. Other than that Mrs Lincoln...Maybe spend less time guarding D Green and Klay Thompson?

T Lue said they were not going to turn the series into a slog fest, they were going to run in game two. Thus, 113 points. Apparently can't run and play defense at the same time. Thus 132 points. What if they played D like they did in game one and scored like they did in game 2! Still wouldnta won. 113-113. :( If you're a wine and gold aficionado :( Did spend less time guarding D Green (12) and Klay Thompson (22)...and Durant (33) and Curry (32) too. GS had five guys in double figures, team shooting: 51.7%. LBJ hurt his team less in part deux, only a -11, "good" for fourth least hurtful on his team.

No effort talk after this one. That's good. What if this is their best effort? Arf.

Wine and gold lining? History! The winos are YUUGE on history, recent history, too. Like last year they lost the first two, too. Got blown out in the second. Then, in the third, they blew out. Went down 3-1 and still won. Played better D in '16, held GS under 100 thrice, never gave up 132 (120). Elf Magician not himself? No KD. KD is killing them. 71 points in two games.

What if...Lue, take it from here.