Monday, June 05, 2017


In Kerr's return, a chess matchup broke out four minutes into the third quarter, when Green picked up his fourth foul and Kerr replaced him with Andre Iguodala. Cleveland's Tyronn Lue countered by going for offense over rebounding, sending in Channing Fryefor Thompson. That prompted Kerr to sub guard Shaun Livingston for center Zaza Pachulia. So the lineups were Curry, Durant, Thompson, Iguodala and Livingston against LeBron, Iman Shumpert, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irvingand Frye. About two minutes later, Lue went even smaller, going with Kyle Korver and Richard Jefferson for Frye and Love. That lineup pulled the Cavs to within four. Lue:

So the lineup was: LBJ, Shumpert, Irving, Korver, and Jefferson. +\-:

LBJ: -11/39 mins.
Shumpert: -5/22 mins.
Irving: -17/40 mins.
Korver: -3/23 mins.
Jefferson: -7/13 mins.

That looks better! Maybe looks are deceiving. What is their minus-per-minute (lies, damn lies and statistics)?

LBJ: -.28
IS: -.23
Irving: -.43
KK: -.13
Jefferson: -.54

Well, fuck Jefferson, he had nothing to do with it, ESPN. He came in either for Lovey Dovey Turtle Dovey (-.27/min), or for Frye (+0/11). Bad move, dumb-ass move. And Lue: J.R. Smith (-.94 over two games)? Take J.R. out and shoot him. KK and IS played substantial minutes in game two, much more than Jefferson, and had much better +/-'s.You wanna say fuck Kyrie too except he's Kyrie. Well, fuck Kyrie, anyhow: How 'bout having LBJ play point guard!

Lue, here's your lineup:


What's the matter with that lineup? Not a damn thing! You're welcome, Lue. Lue, I want you to lose, okay? SWEPT! 4-0! I want to see the Greatest Team in the Whole History of the Earth. I want the wine and gold to be made blood and pus. I don't like Land O' Mistakes, I like LBJ, so I wanted him to win one last year and I gave you some advice which you had the good sense to ignore. This year, I don't give a shit who wins unless GS can wipe their ass with you. So, yeah. You're welcome, Lue.