Thursday, June 15, 2017

All the News That's First Reported In The Washington Post

“The vice president is focused entirely on his duties and promoting the president’s agenda and looks forward to a swift conclusion of this matter,” Jarrod Agen, Mr. Pence’s communications director, said in confirming the hiring, which was first reported by The Washington Post. (Ex-Quasi's, June 15)

Trump Called National Park Chief Over Twitter Post on Inaugural Crowd (Ex-Quasi's January 26)

“The call was first reported by The Washington Post.”

Flynn Is Said to Have Talked to Russians About Sanctions Before Trump Took Office (Ex-Quasi's Feb. 9)

“Mr. Flynn could not immediately be reached for comment about the conversations, details of which were first reported by The Washington Post.”

Trump Revealed Highly Classified Intelligence to Russia, in Break With Ally, Officials Say (Ex-Quasi's, May 15)

“The Washington Post first reported Mr. Trump’s disclosure.”

So basically Times pencils get up at the crack of dawn, read Chief WaPo's smoke signals and then call around to their sources and say, "Can you confirm?!" and then run their own story. Times: this newspaper "war" is about as competive as the "Warriors" punking of the "Cadavers." And you're the "Cadavers."