Friday, June 16, 2017


When Cleveland beat Golden State in game 4--Exactly a week ago, right?--any argument that GS was the greatest club basketball team ever got dumped in Mistake Lake. I was upset. I so wanted to be alive to see the Greatest Ever. I still haven't read up on that game. The completeness of Cleve's punking, complete with GS's two prior bitch-slapping's of Cleve, and the mental fragility of both teams, and the difficulty I had in getting GS to pass the eye test if matched up with, say, the 1995-96 "Bulls," and contrasting LeBron James' poofiness compared with psycho-killer Michael Jordan, so all of them things, K?, they embarrassed me that I had prematurely ejaculated that there contingent judgment on GS.

Tonight I read this here:

Nice little team the Warriors, two NBA titles in three years, very nearly running the table this time, clearly the best of an unremarkable period in professional basketball, the Age of LeBron, and the accent is on age. Unremarkable_Age

And I furrowed my brow with interest. Which led me to whatchacall Google "nba golden era" to see if there was one. Which led me to this from the Wikipedia:

The 1986–87 season was also known as the "Golden Era" of the NBA. The 1987 NBA season featured up to 20 Hall of Fame players such as Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Moses Malone, Julius Erving, Isiah Thomas, Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley, Akeem Olajuwon,[3][4][5] Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Alex English, Patrick Ewing, Adrian Dantley, Joe Dumars, and Dennis Rodman.

Hoo-doggie (Never mind that an era can't be one year (stupid Wikipedia).), I say, HOO-doggie. I was really embarrassed now, like really really. But...I be alive then too! So forget I ever prematurely ejaculated, K?