Saturday, June 10, 2017

La femme entre les deux âges (c1575)

"Well you're one with the dirty pictures."

Yeah. Pretty easy to get the message of that one! Very erotic painting. She's nude and look at the look on her face. And her lover, the courtier, is titting her up. But the detail. So much detail. Look at what she's handing her depressed, older husband, a pair of eye glasses. "See, you old fool!" she could be saying to the cuckold, a proto-Republican. Or, "You only get to WATCH."

The painter is anonymous. The only thing we know about him is that he was horny. He was of the Fontainebleau School, the Hustler of the Renaissance. The erotic symbolism is a mile wide and a mile deep. I can't find comprehensive explanation of all the symbolism in normal people language, it's all in French, but from what I can see with my own normal eyes, betcha, don't know but betcha, it's symbolism all the way down, viz:

-The Republican husband's sleeve. That exaggerated, distended "wizard's sleeve" is the close-up "pink shot" of the 16th century.

-And as convenient 2x4 between the eyes he forms a clitoris with his right hand fingers.

-His left hand fingers, I'm not sure: mimed g-spot rubbing? Fingering? SOMETHING.

-We've got three O-kay hand gestures, one by the aforementioned Repube cuck and two by Melania, one with each hand. Her vagina "hole," I do believe. Rings don't plug holes.

-The cuck's red clothes, I don't think red was associated with the Republicans circa 1575, but it always has been with adultery, no? Even forced adultery? Dunno, but betcha it means something. By rights Melania should be cloaked in red but she's not cloaked.

-There is some symbolism to the hats, "hat" is one of the key words associated with this painting. I don't know what the dandy's hat is called, but it's "cocked," no? And "plumed." Maybe that's enough, maybe that's all, but I don't think so. I think there's probably some additional symbolism there that I don't understand; I can't even see it very well.

-The dandy's old gold clothes and leggings, very elaborate, more erotic plumage, contrasted with the Republican's mourning black.

-The dandy has got an earring and a black mustache and black hair. He's got this one in the bag. He's  going to be laying his eggs in the gray-haired Republican's young wife's nest 'fore long.

Like that painting. Dang! that's a sexy painting. Sexy as hell.