Saturday, August 12, 2017

Cleveland Cavaliers: Is it time for LeBron James to relinquish his team?

Yes. That is what he should do. Absolutely.

LeBron James is the renown leader of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but to save the team’s future, must he give the leadership of the team to Kyrie Irving?

Yes! He should do it. Why are you asking a second time? They should do it: force LeBron out if they can and turn the team over to Irving.

"Why not let Irving be the man on his only NBA franchise?"

NO reason. None at ALL. Why do you keep asking the same question?

"Irving’s frustration, while misunderstood by most, should be relieved if LeBron James were to leave the Land or relinquish it. That is what Irving wants after all, a team to call him own. While he has not shown he can lead a team as the alpha dog..."

(Is this guy literate?) Oh, please. Irving is totally ready. Just as he was before LeBron made the mistake of coming home. Irving probably would have won the two NBA Championships he lost if only he didn't have the LeBron albatross around his neck.

"...Irving’s progress through the years indicates that it might be that time for him to a team his won." (sic)

Try writing above 6th grade special ed level but diction aside your points are cogent and the product of drinking lake water.

"Is it time for LeBron to man-to-man tell Kyrie Irving that he can be the leader of the team? Is it time to let Irving call the shots?"

It IS! That is exactly what should happen. LeBron should be sixth man. It's KYRIE'S team now!

"While turning the team over might not be the best option..."

Don't second-guess yourself now! Stay on message: get rid of LeBron, turn the keys over to Kyrie.

..."it might be the option that takes this team back to a championship caliber squad."

Absolutely! Without LeBron, with Kyrie in sole possession of the franchise on the court, the championships will flow like water that doesn't catch on fire.

Truly inspired, erudite analysis.