Saturday, August 12, 2017

E-P-L! E-P-L! E-P-L!

It's soccer Saturday in Merry Ol'! God's Righteous Team of Angels in Sky Blue play newcomers Brighton at the Etihad Stadium at the Amex (For American Express? Ho-ho-ho.) at 12:30 Normal People Time.

Liverpool "Red Sox" football franchise kicked off the season at Watford earlier and lead 3-2 in the 65th'.

Arsenal got the season under way last night in a library burner at Highbury 4-3 over the Lester "Brexit Trumps" which I didn't even know that match was played. Arse scored first in the second, L tied it in the 5, L took 2-1 lead, Arse leveled, 3-2 L after 56 and then Boom! Gunners in the 83', Boom! Gunners in the 85' and the L's got the L.