Sunday, August 13, 2017


"Everything that I put out there is intentional. Every comment I make is intentional. Just so you know. I’ll admit that. Everything I do has a purpose. Everything I say has a purpose. But I’m sincere. I am sincere. But I still have a job do you. You understand?"

It's his job, his role. He plays the role, does his job. The role is the job is the role. Role-playing is a game.You learn tricks-of-the-trade, interrogation techniques, "good cop, bad cop," lying, pressuring; you never take what they say at face value, they never tell the truth, the truth is hidden, only you know the truth, they don't know the truth, so you read people, "interpret" what they say and how they act, it's all okay because you are omniscient.

Where does the job end and the "real" person begin? Have you ever tried to talk to a shrinknout-of-session? They won't talk to you! It's their job to talk to you. When your hour is up they won't talk to you. Who is the "real" person behind the badge, out of the office? When your job is role-playing, gaming, is there a separate you? Or does the real self get subsumed. The "real" Ronald Reagan was unfathomable"--to his chosen biographer! Do they know themselves? They must, for they are omniscient.