Friday, August 26, 2016

France, What the FUCK Is the Matter with You

Whoa-wa, whu-wa. Allahu Akbar.

So, the genius of France, not to say its BIGOTRY, banned the "burkini" from 24 beaches. 
Oh. She looks so sweet.

Here, the gendarmes make a Muslim woman remove her top. 
Poor thing. That is so humiliating, FUCK! I've got a fucking lump in my throat. France, you are just a disgrace, a fucking disgrace! (Mother, I apologize for my language.)

The officers surrounded the woman, who was wearing a tunic, leggings and a head scarf, fined her and ordered her to leave the beach. The woman was at the beach with her children, and said she was a third-generation French citizen from Toulouse.

A crowd gathered. “I heard things I had never heard to my face,” said the woman, who gave her name only as Siam to the French magazine L’Obs. “Like, ‘Go back to where you came from,’ ‘Madame, the law is the law, we are fed up with this fuss,’ and ‘We are Catholic here.’ ”

When female relatives with her asked the police why they were not hunting down people with crosses, if outward shows of religious faith were the target of the new law, a policeman responded: “We are not going to hunt for crosses. Get going, madame. You are being told to leave the beach.”

A French court, the Council of State, which is the oddest name for a court I've ever heard, overturned the ban in one town, Villeneuve-Loubet. 

Lionnel Luca responding to the ruling, said: "We need to decide if we want a smiley, friendly version of sharia law on our beaches or if we want the rules of the [French] Republic to be implemented."

FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU, "My-Name-is-Luca"!

Prime Minister Manuel Valls described the burkini as "a political sign of religious proselytising." The French Republic was "not at war with Islam", he argued, but "protecting [Muslims] against discrimination". 


(France: "My-Name-is-Luca," pretty fast thinking on my part, non? Do you get it? How about the image on the header? No? FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.)