Sunday, August 28, 2016

Whew! Ok, I didn't precipitate precipitously on Silver's head. This is as close as he comes to passing on the gist of the Politico report:

Last week, Politico reported that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was set to employ a “run out the clock” strategy, declining to respond to recurring controversies...

That is the lead half sentence in a sixteen-paragraph article. Those two words are Nate Silver's encapsulation of of Politico's run out the clock, i.e. ignore the email issue, story. "Recurring controversies," wtf? The bogus health rumors? Benghazi? "Recurring controversies" could mean anything, groundless or grounded, Politico's story dealt with only ONE recurring controversy, the emails. "Recurring controversies" SUCKS as encapsulation of Politico's story on EMAILS. That  is SHIT, encapsulation-wise.

Silver, give the bong pipe a rest.