Sunday, August 28, 2016

Oh hell

The Politico article says Hillary Clinton's campaign is running out the clock on the email controversy, not the entire campaign. God DAMN it, I should have read that thing before going postal on Hillary. Mrs. Clinton, pardon moi, mademoiselle, my humblest apologies, it was because of that swine Nate Silver! Silver, why didn't you make that clear, you punk ass?!

Not responding to the email controversy is wise, period, in real politick, not just in the "abstract." Clinton is NOT running out the clock on attacking Trump. Then why aren't you attacking Trump, for godssake Mrs. Clinton? That is why Silver's article made sense. Beat that rented jackass! Where is Elizabeth Warren? Get her out there. You should be on Trump like stink on shit. Where's the Daisy ad? Where are those ads of real women reading transcripts of Trump's insults of women? Where is that nerdy guy with the glasses ad, the one from Goldwater, the thoughtful Republican saying "Senator Goldwater is different." You've got thoughtful Republicans coming out your ass! Put Mike Hayden in front of a camera talking about Trump and national security. Put that other guy, fuck, the ex-CIA director, can't remember his name, you know who I mean, have him cut a nerdy guy ad. Meg, not Whitman, what the fuck is her name, the tech CEO, ran for governor of California, Republican, have her cut a spot for you. C'mon, man.

Silver, put down your bong when you're reading and writing, just give it a rest for 45 minutes.