Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mooney: City Have "Swagger" Back Under Pep


Few football teams go to Stoke City's Bet365 Stadium and survive for 90 minutes without finding themselves under pressure.

Ha-Ha, toldja. Can lose your shirt at Bet365, you can.

It is a tough place to play and City rolled. Not many clubs roll into Bet365 and roll the "Gamblers" 4-1. So it was an impressive win.

Not willing to go along that City have their swagger back after two league matches though. The ilk of Mooney gave the title to City last season after they beat Chelsea early. 

It does seem that City were missing swagger the last few years though. In their title-winning 2011-12 season City shocked and awed opponents with the ilk of Aguero, Balotelli, Tevez until Munich, and  with Toure gamboling through midfield. You could see fear in the faces and in the body language of opposing players. 8-2, 6-1, 5-3, in any match it seemed one goal and le deluge. Balotelli and Tevez are long gone, Yaya has been sashaying more than gamboling and only Aguero remains.

It's been a long while since City felt like they had their opponents intimidated at kickoff. 

Yes, it has.

That seems to have returned, big-time.

I hope. We'll see.