Sunday, August 28, 2016

"It’s Too Soon For Clinton To Run Out The Clock"-538, Nate Silver

This was published at 4:08 pm today.

Last week, Politico reported that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was set to employ a “run out the clock” strategy, 

"A run out the clock strategy." So no pause until Labor Day or German-American Day or the debates, run out the clock. I didn't see the Politico report. I bet that is what Axelrod was referring to. That is just DUMB, D-U-M-B. This is one of those instances, thought went into this now, where sensory input entered Hillary Clinton's brain, was processed, and out came shit.

declining to respond to recurring controversies even at the risk of seeming nonresponsive. In the abstract, such a strategy could make sense. 

What are you fucking talking about, Silver, "in the abstract, such a strategy could make sense"?  In what "abstract" universe could it make sense to run out the clock with 10 weeks left? NONE!

Clinton has a fairly clear lead in the polls. There are only 10 weeks to go until the Nov. 8 election — and less than that until early voting, which begins in late September in some states.

"Only!" Listen to this guy! "Only 10 weeks to go"!

But Clinton shouldn’t get too complacent. After mixed evidence before, it’s become clearer, at least according to our forecast models, that Donald Trump has regained some ground on her. 
Clinton’s national lead in our polls-only forecast has gone from a peak of about 8.5 percentage points two weeks ago to 6.5 percentage points as of Sunday evening — that is, a 2-point gain for Trump over two weeks.

Which is what I wrote last night. Clinton really needs a Designated Strangler.