Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton*

I would like to talk about Hillary Clinton.

I wish there were nothing to say about Hillary Clinton except to wonder what color drapes she plans on installing in the White House, but there is.

There is some fatality that occurs inside Hillary Clinton's brain to good ideas; her brain receives sensory input accurately but it gets all jumbled around and fucked up in there so when it comes out it's shit. Her brain doesn't work too good. I don't think she is highly intelligent. She seems to me a plodder, like half of us, who has achieved by hard work with no significant assistance from her brain.

What brought about these ruminations was an interview I read Friday night of David Axelrod, Obama's political strategist in 2012 and 2008 and, which I did not know, who was Hillary Clinton's strategist in her U.S. Senate race against Rick Lazio in 2000.

Axelrod mentioned a couple things in that interview that reinforced concerns: One, that Hillary hasn't handled the email server issue too good. She gave an interview to Chris Wallace in which she said FBI director James Comey had concluded that she told the "truth," when Comey concluded no such thing. Axelrod said something, the meaning of which was, "HOW CAN YOU NOT BE PREPARED TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION COMPETENTLY AFTER ALL THIS TIME!"

Is she prepared for an email "October surprise?" How can she not be after all this time?

Two, Clinton has left Donald Trump off the hook in the last few weeks, and the gap between her and Trump noticeably and consistently has closed a little. What Axelrod said on that was that it is a truism in politics that when your opponent is crashing the train you get out of the way. But Clinton didn't do that, to her enormous credit; she cut up some of the track ahead of Trump's train. When Trump started going off the rails during and after the conventions the Clinton campaign attacked him from multiple angles. It may have doomed Trump. Or not! Because then she let up. She stopped cutting the rails and gave the Trump campaign time to begin repairing the track.

Why? I don't know. I am on record advocating ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! I think, obviously I do not know, that Clinton was following her campaign's plan, set weeks or months ago, to go after Trump full throttle immediately after the conventions and then to take her foot off until Labor Day or some other pre-designated day. Nothing wrong with that plan! But it seemed to me even at the time, and to more advanced minds than mine, like David Axelrod's, that sensory input was received, Trump was running off the rails, but not processed, and she stuck to her plan regardless of the sensory input. My view, and that of Axelrod and surely others, is that Clinton did not adapt, that if she had kept ripping Trump and ripping up track, he would be a train-wreck beyond righting now. She could have put Trump away, is my thought, and she didn't. It seems to me this is another example of good stuff going into Clinton's brain and bad ideas coming out.

Three: Man, she took a long time to put away Bernie Sanders, didn't she? Mrs. Clinton, is there anything else we can do for you? We give you a socialist and a national socialist to run against.

*UPDATE. Trump has just stepped on his short stumpy dick again, he tweeted that "Dwayne" Wade's cousin got killed today so "Just what I have been saying." [??] "African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP! End quote. See, Hillary, even Trump is trying to get you elected. Doing everything he can.

This is the most important presidential election in American history. The country's democracy, its constitutional form of government, American sovereignty itself, all are threatened as at no time past. Hillary Clinton must win this election.

The whole private email server: when that first broke I thought immediately, and wrote, "That is so Hillary." She gave a lot of thought to that! Who would think that that would be a good idea? It's like she has no sense, or doesn't have the instinct, to recognize, "DANGER! ABORT! ABORT!"

"Fight, Talk, Build." These are just the thoughts I have had of other things that seem to me to be "so Hillary." So, you're Secretary of State and you're thinking a lot about what to do in Afghanistan and for some reason the thought comes to your head, "We need a slogan." Now we all get stupid ideas come into our head but most of us most of the time have a mechanism in our heads to seek out and destroy stupid ideas, just kill them dead, before they come out of our mouths. Hillary, she doesn't have that kill mechanism. What you need in that event is someone who will come over the table and begin strangling you. She evidently doesn't have that either. So we got "Fight, Talk, Build" until the president killed it.

The reset button. Again, some thought went into this, it's not that Clinton doesn't think.

Oh, aren't I clever. See, he likes it!

Oh, that's not the Russian word for "reset?" That's the Russian word for "overcharged?"

Okay! Someone on her staff didn't know Russian too good--the idea of a "reset" with Russia. Lavrov got along fine with Condoleezza Rice! Putin got along fine with George W. Bush! WHAT NEEDED TO BE RESET! “It was the invention of Hillary Clinton and Obama administration:” Sergey Lavrov.

I actually think Trump, uncharacteristically, seized upon the wrong epitaph for Clinton. There is nothing "crooked" about Hillary, that is input that goes in and doesn't register, but "Incompetent Clinton" does.

I actually think the Republicans missed their strongest attack on Benghazi, it is not that Clinton ignored safety concerns or didn't have enough security in place. It was that Benghazi was the result of PROTESTS THROUGHOUT THE ISLAMIC WORLD and Clinton and Obama LIED AND DENIED and blamed Ambassador Stevens' murder on "INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS!" Their ENTIRE WORLDVIEW OF ISLAM JUST WENT UP IN SMOKE in that compound and they blamed the whole thing on a film. They panicked. They, especially the State Department, saw, knew, that their whole approach to the Islamic world had just gone up in smoke and they feverishly put out the story that "Innocence of Muslims" was to blame. Had Susan Rice go on every fucking Sunday talk show and blame everything on "Innocence of Muslims." Cost Rice any chance of succeeding Clinton as Secretary of State. Clinton's brain doesn't work too good when you give it time to think and when you don't.

Why did she take so long to respond to the murders of the Baton Rouge police officers? Because she wanted to be seen as "thoughtful," "prepared;" not shoot from the lip. "I think nine hours sounds about right."

She got schooled by Putin over Syria. They met face-to-face and he out-maneuvered her and maneuvered Russia into Syria. That was not the desired outcome of that diplomatic mission. She prepared! Just didn't come out too good.

"I think so." Senator Clinton, was Barack Obama born in the United States. She tries to be clever, ends up too clever by half when she isn't half clever.