Saturday, July 01, 2017

Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

"Yet even if he is not suffering from outright delusions, and is simply attempting to cover his obvious failures with glorious adjectives, his mind, as it was put on display today, clearly has wires crossed," insisted the adviser.

"Something is deeply wrong with our president and the country is in danger," wrote Gabriel Schoenfeld, former adviser to Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign, in an op-ed for New York Daily News.

The Republican adviser concluded that the President was "delusional" if he really believed his statements that his government was a "fine-tuned machine", or that his Muslim ban had enjoyed a "perfect roll-out".

...our concerns about his unmoored behavior go far beyond the personal. America’s leaders and allies are asking themselves yet again whether this man is fit to be president.

The president’s unhealthy obsession with “Morning Joe” does not serve the best interests of either his mental state or the country he runs.

We have known Mr. Trump for more than a decade and have some fond memories of our relationship together. But that hasn’t stopped us from criticizing his abhorrent behavior or worrying about his fitness.