Saturday, July 08, 2017

Gender Relations in China

"It's just another slave," said O-Lan to her husband in The Good Earth upon giving birth to another daughter.

The secret women's language Nüshu  女书.
     Used for over 300 years.
          But only by women in Jiangyong County, Hunan province.
     Banned during the Cultural Revolution.
          Zhongnanhai now preserving it.

The powerful Dowager Empress Cixi, ruler for 47 years.
     Yet, began court life as a concubine.

Mao's girls.
     Yet, "Women Hold Up Half the Sky."
     Yet, Jiang Qing, so similar to Cixi.

Chai Ling

Gu Kailai

Song Binbin

Jung Chang

The emasculation of Chinese-American men. Is it similar in China?

Are gay men "out" in China?

I shall be visiting and meeting--for the first time!--Dr. Weimin Mo tomorrow. Would like to learn something about this from Weimin.