Tuesday, November 22, 2016


From "The Art of the Protest" today in the Quasi-Official New York Times:

Provoke your opponent, if necessary. The turning point for civil rights came when the Southern Christian Leadership Conference allowed children to march in Birmingham (a decision criticized by many, including Malcolm X). Bull Connor, the city’s commissioner of public safety, ordered the police to turn attack dogs, nightsticks and fire hoses on children marching peacefully — some of them 6 years old. The scenes made the nightly news and the front page of newspapers around the country.

It showed protesters making sacrifices for their cause. It lured opponents into violence that finally swayed the views of whites — a tactic similar to the playbook of Mahatma Gandhi in India, of forcing an oppressor to show his ugliest face.

I disagree with the use of kids but I have argued for provocation against Islam. When you provoke, by definition, you're prepared. The enemy cannot use guerrilla attacks against you.

I am very good at provoking, actually, excellent at provoking.

When appropriate, be confrontational.

That too! Don't want to give myself too many callouses patting myself on the back but I am truly excellent at being confrontational.

Pull out the pillars. ...every leader, no matter his power, relies on obedience. Without the consent of the governed, power disappears. The goal of a civic movement should be to withdraw consent. Pull out the pillars, and the whole structure falls.

That's what I've been saying! Don't "serve," don't "help," don't go along, don't even acknowledge, just refuse. This is an excellent article, truly excellent. I am a natural at this! I was an artiste and didn't fully appreciate my talents.

Use humor.

NEVAH! Really, though, have you ever known a dictator to have a sense of humor? They don't! They have a sixth sense that makes them realize that humor is the most corrosive thing to tyranny. To be tyrannized you have to take the tyrant seriously! I've told the story so many times that I'm not going to repeat it of Fidel Castro's intolerance for good-natured fun-poking.

Have you ever known Trump to be intentionally funny? Think about it. He tried once at some New York state dinner and couldn't pull it off. He is too mean! Fauxpelini hilariously live-tweeted a college basketball game at Trump one time. Trump didn't respond. Then, Faux got Trump's campaign to have Trump dual tweet with Faux the vice-presidential debate. Trump tweeted like twice, awkwardly, not humorously, and then gave up. That really was a sign to me that Trump was a nascent dictator, none of them have any sense of humor. By contrast, Ben Sasse, U.S. senator from Nebraska and Trump critic who toyed with running for prez as an independent has very humorously tweeted back-and-forth with Faux.

Have you ever met a funny Leftie? I think of Bernie Sanders and I think of the angry *scowl*. I've been around Lefties in meetings and at conferences and the like all my adult life; you can't tell a joke, "Hey, you hear the one about the feminist nympho?, I couldn't have brought my remote-controlled fart machine to one. Lefties are insufferable in their seriousness.

Never trust a person who has no sense of humor. That's one of my rules, I'll tell ya.