Friday, July 07, 2017

Yesterday, I was stuck in court waiting for my client, in custody, to be transported, and the judge. My client was delivered up. Then the prosecutor had to go to another courtroom. The judge took the bench. "Mr. Harris, can I call something for you?" "Thank you, your Honor, we need my client." "We'll get him." "Thank you, your Honor." They got him. "Mr. Harris?" We need the prosecutor, your Honor, I will text her."

Judge is here and William is here. What do you want me to tell judge?
     Pass for now
     Waiting in line


He passed it a second time.
     Still waiting
     Sorry. About to be called up.


You are not being nice to me. You are treating me like a fat girl and it hurts my feelings.
     Coming down.

She appeared about five minutes later. "ThatwasthefunniestfuckingmessageIevergot" (as she hurriedly walked by me).