Tuesday, November 01, 2016

"Same Old Lang Syne" was based on the 1812 Overture? Get outta town. I didn't hear any cannons.

Oh yes! I do hear it now, not the cannons but that part with the cannons. Fogelberg used the lead up to the cannons as the tune for S.O.L.S. Man, that sounds different on a tinkly piano without the cannons.

You know before Islam before China before I had this blog my big thing was art, including music, not as much music mainly painting but music too. Listened to a lot of classical music, went to concerts including Carnegie Hall.

I heard once that classical music is meant to be played loud, like with a lot of classical music you can't have it on background at a party at your house you know why? Cannons. Imagine cannons going off over your wine and cheese. Would scare the shit out of guests. I've seen it happen in concerts. End of party. They'd all leave or tell you to put on Barry Manilow and it is true a lot of classical music is not easy listening like Beethoven he put his gastrointestinal upsets into his music, wrote the growls and burps in! Imagine that while your guests dine on liver pate or the DUH DUH DUH DUH of his 5th, sounds like somebody banging on a door 'cause it was somebody banging on a door that's what Beethoven intended Oh! Ben the police are here we have to go that's how the 5th STARTS your dinner party'd be over when it started it's true a lot of classical music has these fucking CRASHING crescendos that fucking come out of nowheres it was all for effect that's what special effects were in the 19th century!

I listened to the 1812 yesterday after reading in the Wikipedia about Fogelberg and it and now I knew how the story ends okay I wanted to see how the story began and imagine the first audience's reaction and see if they had any inkling there were about to be cannons. It was 15+ minutes, man Tchaikovsky was sadistic, a lot of classical composers were sadistic this way that thing starts out like nice background music at a dinner party all violins it reminded me of walking along a pleasant stream on a summer day not too hot just pleasant. There are some foreshadows of the cannons the Fogelberg part where the trumpets trump, fuck you call the horses and they gallop off gets played a couple or three times sans cannons and there is some gunfire or the pussiest sounding cannons I ever heard with about three minutes left but that three minute warning is all there is and then the Fogelberg part gets played again and then the cannons I bet some people had heart attacks when they first heard that Tchaikovsky was a sadistic mother, he was. Beethoven too Bach was nice.