Tuesday, November 01, 2016

That felt good! I fell back asleep but I'm awake now.

I have realistic dreams. I dreamed that I had a house which I have a condo with a swimming pool which my condo has a swimming pool which nobody uses well I used it once on accounta they're all Orthodox in my posh gated community and I think water might wash the orthodox off somehow like Catholics use it to baptize I think it does the opposite somehow for the Orthodox I don't really know.

So I had this swimming pool which I had to keep clean and there was a dead cat in it and I think there were two other dead animals around I'm not sure about that part but at least the cat and I had to get rid of it 101 uses for a dead cat sorry! i didn't read it so i had to dispose of the cat and this is when i knew the dream was about Trump because he is a *pussy* who i would like to dispose of.

there was a little girl *hint hint* 6 years old i don't know where she came from she wasn't mine but she seemed to like me and she knew everything about disposal of dead trumps and told me the exact part of animal removal to call we looked it up in the yellow pages she helped me look it up for how to dispose of a dead cat you know the right way 'cause i didn't want to touch him he was gross and i didn't know if one garbage bag or two or if animal removal had like body bags for cats and maybe they'd come out and do it for me. Then i got awake so i don't know how that turned out but thanks to the girl i was on the right track.