Monday, November 14, 2016

This digital age of ours is an age of self-referential bullshit, relative truth, amorality, and cowardice.

In this age prediction of future reality is replaced with a "forecast" (the better not to stick your neck out) of future reality rendered in probabilistic percentage of becoming real; a forecast of reality is what percentage of time your "model" spits out the "hard numbers" of one reality coming to pass over others.

It is an age where meaning is drained from ordinary language when those percentages (e.g. 70%) are translated into words (e.g. 70% ="toss-up" if "cherry-pick").

Where truth is relativistic not deterministic; where, therefore, you are never wrong, much less lying; where the "forecasts" of your "model" can always be defended in relativistic terms ("Why we were less wrong than the other guys"). Where accountability does not exist.

Where there is no right because no wrong, where, therefore, morality is replaced with amorality.

Where any result is therefore "exciting."