Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Justice Department Obtains Warrant to Review Clinton Aide’s Emails"-NYT

Agents will have probable cause to search only the messages related to the Clinton investigation.
No, no, no, you fucking DOUCHE BAGS. The warrant does not give them probable cause. The warrant gives them judicial permission to SEARCH. The prosecutors must supply in their affidavit in support of search warrant to the judge probable cause.

"Probable cause"--to believe that evidence of or the instrumentality of a CRIME exists on the property to be searched and they will cite to the federal criminal statute(s), presumably those on disclosure of classified information.

So the feds have put in a sworn affidavit and submitted the affidavit to a federal judge that it is "more probable than not," the definition of probable cause, that evidence related to or the instrumentality of a CRIME COMMITTED BY HILLARY CLINTON exists on Anthony Weiner's computer.

And now a judge has given them warrant to search based on their their affidavit of probable cause.

And in the vast majority of cases, you can't go behind a judge's warrant either. Once it is signed the search is legal.

The FBI knew about the emails on Weiner's computer weeks ago. They made public their intent to search (legally) on Friday. Didn't get the warrant until Saturday.

Late Friday and early Saturday, law enforcement officials said there was no chance the email review could be completed before Election Day.
"No chance" completed by Election Day (You capitalize that? I didn't know.).

This is bullshit, utter bullshit..."Utter" bullshit is worse than bullshit. I believe...Stinkier, perhaps. Whatever! It's B.S.

I do NOT think that this is FBI Director Comey deliberately trying to sway the election toward the Republican Party in which he is a registered voter. I do not believe that. Truly, sincerely, no b.s., don't believe it. I truly believe Comey made the decision that he truly believed was the right thing to do. I BELIEVE HE FUCKED THE FUCK UP.

America as we know it will cease to exist on November 9 if Donald Trump is made president-elect on November 8. So if James Comey's sincerely held belief in the right thing to do turns out to be a fuck up after November 8 and leads to Trump's election, it will have ended America. It will be the biggest fuck up in history.