Monday, October 31, 2016

What in the name of all that is orange is going on on Rocky Top?

On October 8, three weeks ago, scholar-"Volunteers" Trump, fuck you from the University of Tennessee were the ninth-ranked school in the country in the discipline of Gridiron Art and Science. They traveled that day to College Station Texas to play the "Aztecs" of A&M, themselves number 8 in the country. The "Schol-Vols" lost credibly, in two overtimes, 45-38.

Previous to that they had beaten #25 JawJa "between the hedges" and the week before that had dispatched their yearly tormentor Florida, #19. That was coach Butch Jones signature win in his two-plus seasons in Knoxville. And previous to that they had beaten then unranked, now #23 VaTech.
Damn impressive.

The week after the the hard loss to A&M they got knocked silly by Alabama 49-10 in Knoxville. Those who get their corn from a jar could rightly have hoped for a less comprehensive defeat but c'mon, 'Bama's Bama. So that was two losses in a row following five straight W's.

Okay! Time to get the cobwebs out, if 'Bama hadn't knocked them out, and get back to bidness. They had a bye week and then went into Columbia, South Carolina "Must Be Destroyed," for a scrimmage against the two-touchdown dog "Gamecocks," 3-5, whose signature win was no signature win. It was a game meant as a curative for Tenn. Instead then #18 Tennessee laid a volunteer egg and broke it on their faces, falling 24-21.

Following their third straight loss and now with a signature facial of egg sperm they are out of the top 25.

Comes now star running back Justin Hurd who announced his transfer and has left the team with immediate effect. Tennessee is 5-3, same record as Pitt, and have four eminently winnable games remaining in which they will be favored in all. A 9-3 record is the chalk and that's pretty good chalk! But now with out Hurd who the Eff knows.

Butch Jones, ex of Cincinnati, is the Tennessee coach. Pretty good resume, Butch, but this was to be the "Vols" year--a veteran team, good coach, big win over the "Alligators." good win against the "Silver Britches" and then them 'Cocks made Butch their bitch and spewed their bodily essence all over him and the Tenn. season. And now Hurd is gone.

Jeezie-peezie, Tennessee-ee. Y'all gotta butch up in the remaining four, yinz do. Do NOT lose to Tennessee Tech, Kentucky or Mizzou on Rocky Top or to Vandy at Vandy. If you's do, the long knives gonna be out for Butch.

Good grief. Night, y'all.