Monday, October 31, 2016

Trump's insouciance over nuclear weapons is a powerful line of attack. But listen there is also this: Trump is an "unwitting agent of Russia" according to the former CIA director. We have never had that before. The Clinton campaign should have pounded that nail into Americans' consciousness hardest of all and should pound it unrelentingly now. It is American sovereignty that is stake in this election, more so, much more so, than America's physical survival.

And this: the American form of government as we have known it will cease to exist under President Trump. The delicate balance of powers, the separation of powers, the independence and existence of the judiciary as a co-equal branch of government--these will be broken or bent out of shape so as to make the whole structure unrecognizable.

In at least these two senses therefore, this is the most important presidential election in over 150 years. I have already chosen the post title for November 9 if Trump wins: "AMERICA GETS ITS STRONGMAN."