Sunday, October 30, 2016

These Dangerous Times.

Bigger story which I missed until right now, maybe you saw it:
"Jew.S.A." You know, "U.S.A."
Months ago, at the beginning of the year, when I was still on speaking terms with my brother the racist, Trump supporter, I emailed him that "I don't recognize my country anymore." As I recall that painful statement was made in our preliminary communication on politics and referred to the Snowden Revelations (I think that deserves biblical capitalization.) in 2013. Truly, I didn't. Bugging Angela Merkel's phone? Dima Rousseff's? The mega-monitoring of our metadata? The FISA Court? Had no idea. No fucking idea. Didn't recognize the FISA Court as an American court of law even after I read the details. Hurt me. Shamed me. Didn't recognize the country.

Anyway. At the beginning of 2016 I didn't know what Donald Trump's appeal was. My brother knew! Didn't tell me. I didn't know Trump was a racist! I don't own a TV, saw only one of his rallies, back in August 2015, read about his campaign announcement of course, "Mexicans are rapists.", but I thought that was comically crazy, like the dictator of San Marcos in Bananas dictating that "From now on the official language of San Marcos will be...Swedish. And all citizens of San Marcos will be required to wear their underwear on the outside," I had never heard racism directed at Mexicans. Mexicans??

I didn't hear the dog whistles. I sensed their existence without being able to hear what tune Trump was singing to his degenerates, like my brother. He never told me. I wrote, here on Public Occurrences, that it was like Trump was speaking in "code," the word I used, that only he and his supporters understood. A lot of other people were in the same boat. We wrote or spoke theories as they came to us but even as I, at least, went from one to the other, I sensed I hadn't quite got it.

My brother never told me. He didn't even tell me that he was a Trump supporter at first. Told me he liked Rubio and Christie. I was unsure until the day before the primary so I called him. Yes, he was going to vote for Trump. He had planned to all along.

I know my brother's history, I felt like a chump. Of course he was going to vote for Trump. It hurt me. He is my brother and I love him. But he didn't tell me until near the end, he was embarrassed, and he had told me he was not at first and didn't clarify what I, in honesty, shouldn't have needed and didn't want to hear clarified for the umpteenth time in my life from him, that he was still a racist.

I don't know precisely when the scales dropped from my 20/400 eyes, I don't recall there being a Revelation, I don't think it was my brother's, but at some point they really did fall from my eyes pretty much all at once. The danger became clear all at once.

But not the full scope. The typical white American racism toward black people, yes, that was the first racism that was clear. But "Fuck that Nigger!" at Trump's mention of President Obama, at his rally of thousands in public? Their "safe space" to yell, "Fuck that Nigger!" No. I didn't know there was a political market for that in America in 2016.

And Antisemitism of the virulence, the sheer hatred of the degenerate in the video link above, in the "Heil Hitler" salutes of his supporters, screams of "Go to Auschwitz!" No! Lol. NO! I did not know that there was a full Adolph Hitler 1932, David Duke, market for that in America. In ANY year, much less in the second decade of the 21st century.

And "Lock her up!", more recently "Burn her at the stake," I don't even know what that is, "genderism," "misogyny"?, woman hatred? Woman hatred, really?

The violence, they're talking revolution and assassination, a coup d'etat. Talking more and more. America was born violent, we are among the most violent people on the planet, always have been, so that is no surprise. Insanity. America was born a bastard with latent mental illness that has flared periodically throughout our history. A crazy, violent degenerate like that guy above, not "Only in America," but yes, in America, too. I recognize him as American, he wasn't teleported here from Berlin in the 1930's and taught American English, he is a native-born American Nazi. Didn't know there was a critical mass of trailer trash in American politics just waiting for a demagogic, garbageman to come along and mold them into a political movement that has a damn decent chance of mutating this country out of existence as we know it in nine days.

Didn't know. Embarrasses me to the depths. Don't recognize my country.

I am prepared to accept a Trump victory as the will of the people. I am prepared to forget these degenerates if HRC wins. I am also prepared to meet violence with violence if the degenerates lose and they attempt assassination, revolution, or coup.

Good night.