Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Polls Are Rigged

I have a question. Which I have already answered above. As basis for my question and answer I submit the following proofs:


AP Top 25

6Ohio State7-11207
7Texas A&M7-11150 2
8Wisconsin6-21122 3
9Nebraska7-1951 2
10Florida6-1929 4
11Auburn6-2927 4
12Oklahoma6-2835 4
13Baylor6-1693 5
14West Virginia6-1620 4
15LSU5-2586 4
16Utah7-2506 1
17Western Michigan8-0481 3
18North Carolina6-2423 3
19Florida State5-3409 7
20Penn State6-2390 4
21Colorado6-2375 2
22Oklahoma State6-2355NR
23Virginia Tech6-2345 2
24Boise State7-1203 11
25Washington State6-2139NR
Dropped from rankings: Tennessee 18, Navy 22
Others receiving votes: Houston 65, USC 40, San Diego State 21, Troy 20, Tennessee 17, South Florida 10, Arkansas 7, Wyoming 5, Tulsa 3

Do you see Pitt anywhere? Unless my 20/400 vision fails me Pitt is not there. Not even among "Others receiving votes." 


Do you see FSU and PSU there? Do you see how many losses FSU has? How many losses does Pitt have?
                         Pittsburgh Panthers 5-3

Same number of demerits, same number of smiley faces. Besides free shoes and 409 votes in this "poll," what does FSU have that Pitt doesn't have?

Does FSU play in a better league, like the NFL or the EPL? They both play in the same league, the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Comme ci comme ca the same opponents. We compare schedules.



Olé Miss. W, +11. At home. Olé was unranked at the time, the first game of the season. Olé t'ain't ranked no more on accounta they lost FOUR more times. They have the same number of votes for ranking as the Beloveds. 

CHSO. W, +44. At home. ChaSow doesn't play in the ACC, they don't even play in the Big XII, they don't even give as many scholarships in tackle football, they don't even play in the same grouping of scholarly institutions, they play in one designed for lower forms of scholarly life like Trump University and Harvard. 

LOU. Represented a guy named Lou. L, -43. At LOU. A 63-20 Oly ELL. LOU is an ACC college. They were 10th-ranked at the time. Are now fifth. Good ballclub, LOU. 63-20.

USF. Represented a guy named USEFF. W, +20. Allegedly "away." In Borlando, I b'lieve. Although USF is in the same scholastically-elite "Division I" as FSU and Pitt, and 125 other elites, it is not in a "Power 5" conference. USF lacks power.

UNC. L, -2. ACC school. At home. 

MIAMI. W, +1. ACC. Away. Tenth-ranked then. NO VOTES now.

WAKE. W, +11. ACC. Home.

CLEM. L, -3. ACC. Home. Third-ranked then (yesterday) and now.

FSU has played four teams that were ranked in the top 25 at the time. They have played two teams that are ranked now, when they received 409 votes!


Villanova. W, +21. Home. 'Nova plays in the same group of retards as ChaSow.

PSU. W, +3. Home. Unranked then, 20th ranked now. PSU got 390 votes! We beat them! We got zero votes. PISSESU me off.

Oklahoma State. L, -7. Away. Unranked then, 22nd-ranked now, 355 votes. 

UNC. L, -1. ACC. Away. Unranked then, 18th-ranked now, 423 votes to 0 votes for Pitt. COMMON OPPONENT ALERT: Pitt lost to the "Trubisky's" by ONE POINT on the Tobacco ROAD while FSU lost to them by TWO POINTS in Tallahassee. Result: 423 votes and #18 for UNC, 409 and #19 for FSU, zero and zilch for Pitt.

Marshall. W, +16. "Conference USA," similar to USF, no-power. Home. 

Georgia Tech. W, +3. ACC. Home.

Virginia. W, +14. ACC. Away.

Virginia Tech. L, -3. ACC. Home. 25th-ranked then, yesterday, 23rd today.

Pitt has played one team that was ranked when they played them, four that are ranked now. Pitt's three losses have been by 7, 1, and 3 points. FSU's by 43, 2, and 3. 


Two of PSU's wins have been over schools with no power. They have played two teams that were and are ranked, losing 49-10 at then #4, now #2, Meeshagan, and beating then #2, now #6, Ohio State. PSU has won four in a row. Those last two, the win over OSU and the four-game winning streak, are impressive BUT THEY LOST TO PITT! One loss and five wins later (they have ONE more win than Pitt) and they are 20th with 390 votes to nada and zip for Pitt.