Tuesday, November 01, 2016

"Microsoft Says Russian Hackers Exploited Flaw in Windows"-WSJ

Check this out. That is the Journal's headline and this is their ENTIRE three-paragraph write-up:

The hackers believed responsible for breaking into computers at the Democratic National Committee have exploited previously undisclosed flaws in Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system and Adobe Systems Inc.’s Flash software, Microsoft said Tuesday.

It is unclear if those hackers, reportedly tied to Russia, used the newly disclosed vulnerabilities to hack into the DNC.

Microsoft Tuesday criticized Alphabet Inc’s Google for publicly identifying the Windows flaw on Monday, before Microsoft had had a chance to issue a patch.Huh?

Maybe I am tired...No, I am tired...Maybe my tiredness has lowering my reading comprehension to "non-functioning." But...I have read the first two paragraphs 3-4 times...Aren't they in conflict with each other?