Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Wai-ching, my dearest child...Good grief. Why does she have to look like that, so soulful and dreamy and beautiful, and be only 25 years old...Wai-ching, look what you've done, you've just made an old man faint! Why do you do that to him?

Chinese...Hong Kongers do this to me every frigging time. 
Like Chai Ling, exactly. The same dreamy, soulful, beautiful strength.

Ms. Yau, Councillor Yau, whatever...Wai-ching, please my child, beware of rashness. Democracy isn't all that. Hey! Look, I will come over there and shit on China's flag and call Xi Jinping a cross-dressing bitch. (I have experience in so-denominating politicians.) They can beat me...They can kill me! I will sacrifice my LIFE if it saves yours. Please, beware of rashness.