Saturday, April 08, 2017


#Wait a minute, no. God damn it, I read that in somebody else's blog. You just can't trust bloggers. Miami is one game behind Indiana but own the tie-breaker, so Miami doesn't have to win both of its remaining games necessarily, they just have to do one game better than Indiana. So, if Indy goes 0-2, the "Heat" just has to go 1-1. Same deal against the "Beatabulls." Miami is even with Chica now but Chica has the tie-breaker on Miami. Ergo, if Miami does one game better than Chica over the next two they will finish with a better record and the tie-breaker won't come into play. Swine bloggers.

*Arright, gotta redo this, too many mistooks.

Oh my goodness gracious the "Cows" lost to the woeful "Nyets"in Cowtown Brooklyn tonight.

OH my goodness, and Miami beat the "Bullets" in Wash!

So what does this do to the playoff race...Oh, Indiana, did they win or lose...won, !#%+*...So, let's see the standings..The Indians move into 7th, one full game ahead of Chi and Mia. Two games left for everybody, Chicago holding the tie-breaker over the "Heaters," who hold the tie-breaker (a sudden death rock, paper, scissors, shoot, I think, I said I think.) over Indy if it gets to that.

Perfect example of the hazards of predicting teams who are at or very close to .500. What games "should" a .500 team win?--They've lost half of them over the season!...Oh my God, Chicago pencils are so pissed. They could have CLINCHED a spot in the 'loffs! At home, Against the WORST team in the Least! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And they had Dwyane Wade back! One Chi pencil begins his argument, "Fourteen seconds after tipoff...Dwyane Wade committed a foul"! HAHAHAHA How now brown "Cow," how in the world did you lose to the "Nyets" at home with a playoff berth at stake???

The "Heat" won in D.C., impressive, desperation win. They get the same "Box of Cartridges" in the last game of the season on Wednesday. Monday, they play the "Fragiles" in Miam-uh.

The bottom line is Miami has to win a game both of its remaining games. Period there. New sentence. And the "Pacers" have to lose one or that either Indy or Chica has to lose both. Un-fucking-likely but (#See top)

"On any given night..." especially with mediocre teams.