Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump, Commit Suicide

Trump, you re-invented the wheel on North Korea. All that tough talk, those tweets, you went round and round today from military strikes to regime change to "Okay, maybe we can live with them as a nuclear state", only to arrive back at the same place previous administrations have.

What is the matter with you?

All of that tough talk, all of those tweets were because you didn't know your ass from a nuclear silo in the ground, it was all bullshit. But you kept talking; even when you knew you didn't know shit and should have kept your mouth and your keypad silent, you kept at it. This is a true lede, Trump:

Trump's Reversals Come After Crash Course on the Issues

-New York Times.

Stupidity is a big problem of yours, Trump, but impulsiveness, acting, and as de facto president your words and tweets are action, Trump, but taking action when you don't know what you're doing, impulsiveness, that is worse than being stupid, that compounds stupidity. Impulsiveness means you can't help it. You know deep down that you're stupid and should keep your mouth shut can't help it. Tweet! Now look at what that has done. Your stupidity-cum-impulsiveness made a paranoid psychopath even more dangerous. Brought the whole world to a standstill, holding its breath while it waited to see whether the paranoid psychopath or the stupid impulsive would trip and send everybody over the cliff--And you're still not out of it, Trump, it could still happen! Look at these headlines:

One minute ago:

Meet the Americans on the Front Line If North Korea Goes to War


12 hours ago:

Trump's Twitter fingers could spark World War III

-New York Daily News

11 hours ago:
North Korea: A potential train wreck in motion
-Los Angeles Times

11 hours ago:

China fears North Korea-US conflict 'at any moment'


43 minutes ago:

US ready to strike if North Korea tests nuke

-Irish Independent.

While those headlines were being written you went round and round the wheel only to come back where you started and decided, "Eh, we'll keep on keepin' on." According to The New York Times. Try to find that article. You'll have a devil of a time. It has been drowned out by the headlines above. Who knows for sure if it's true, or was true but has been overtaken by more of your impulsive stupidity, Trump? Who knows if the North Koreans read the New York Times.

The Trump administration has settled on its North Korea strategy after a two-month review: "Maximum pressure and engagement."
U.S. officials said Friday the president's advisers weighed a range of ideas for how to get North Korea to abandon its nuclear program, including military options and trying to overthrow the isolated communist dictatorship's leadership. At the other end of the spectrum, they looked at the notion of accepting North Korea as a nuclear state.

In the end, however, they settled on a policy that appears to represent continuity.

You were the same stupid impulsive on One China, on ObamaCare, The Wall, NATO, China currency manipulation. Do you yet know the difference between a start-up, as you said three times in a presidential debate, and the START treaty? 

Somewhere, Trump, in your world, in Trump World, certainly in several places in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, a village or small town is missing an idiot. Go there, Trump. Resign the presidency. You'll be among friends. No: the right thing to do, Trump, is to commit suicide. You'll be dead, you won't hear them laughing at you, singing and dancing and cheering that you're dead. Your brain and your short, stumpy fingers cannot grasp the responsibility of the presidency. You're not man enough for the job.