Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump World

From People's Daily:

The immediate effect of the two-day summit has experienced an influx of tremendous dynamism into the complicated China-US relationship. The world's anxieties over uncertainties can now find a level of solace through optimistic expectations. This transition is a masterpiece of erudite political wisdom. Mutual communication is increasing at a faster pace rather than the fomenting of some divulgences [sic] that can stymy the strongest of relationships. This is a fortunate time for all of humanity, something more beyond the China-US dynamic.

Vexsome thing, translations from Chinese to English and vice versa, damnedest vexsomest thing (a vexsome thing not unknown to the undersigned). Precise meaning is unattainable but the tone is unmistakably positive. 

The illegitimate de facto Maximum Leader of the United States has stepped on his impotent dick daily in his first one hundred days. In the last week however he has gotten that short stumpy thing out of his way and has stepped not clearly un-wrongly on Syria, on IS, on North Korea. Now on China. Nowhere was his incompetence and ignorance more evident than on China. "One China" is negotiable. He had to eat those words before Xi would even speak to him on the phone! But he did and they have no eaten chocolate cake together. WaPo reports a telling anecdote from this "Citrus Summit." De Facto broke the news to Xi that 59 Tomahawks were on their way to scalp Assad. Xi turned to his translator and asked for a repeat. "Okay," Xi replied. At the UN, China abstained on the U.S. Security Council resolution blaming the ophthalmologist for the chemical attacks. Russia vetoed it, Russia alone.

North Korea: Last week Trump sent the USS Carl Vinson and escorts steaming toward Korea. Un has been very Un-like. Big week coming up, HUGE, in racist dwarf-dom, the anniversary marking the reign of the Founding Father Dear Leader, which his issue celebrate with un-helpful nuclear tests. No doubt because of the harmonic convergence of the Vinson's near presence, the Citrus Summit, and the demonstration of the Mother Of All Bombs on IS tunnels in Afghanistan, Un has announced that "Maybe we will and maybe we won't!" 

Rus: Sexy Rexy Tillerson was in Moscow this week. He was not bestowed a medal by Maximum Leader Putin as he was before he was ex of Exxon Mobile. Tillerson told Putin and Lavrov that Russian interference in the presidential election was an established fact, not open to interpretation or disputation. Lavrov responded in accord with historical Soviet practice with a lecture length version of the "This from a country that lynches Negroes," tu quoque cataloging instances of failed American foreign interventions and thus implicitly confessing. Nor, spaketh Tillerson to the Russian swine, was there any doubt that their bff opthamologist Assad had launched the sarin attacks against his own people. The swine grunted powerfully their disputations of this scandalous assault upon the good eye doctor's character but they were disputations, plural, not a single compelling false narrative but many competing false narratives, contradictory with others: it was a "prank," meaning, apparently a frame job by the rebels; regime bombs had hit a rebel chemical weapon supply thus spreading the sarin (when, actually, a direct hit would have destroyed the sarin, not "ignited" and spread it (but the Russians didn't know that at the time they advanced this hypothesis of innocence)). In the end they settled on a reasonable doubt defense, nearly always in the opinion of the undersigned former prosecutor and long time criminal defense attorney, the best and only defense that should be advanced. All of this should have compounded happily to keep Russo-American relations on an unhappy course but Reticent Rex summed up the meetings with a disquietingly quiescent remark that the world's two foremost nuclear powers ought to be able to get along. So maybe no new sanctions for the sarin attack by their comrade? Maybe a lifting of sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, the continued occupation of eastern Ukraine and destabilization of the country. Reticent Rex didn't say.

-Minister Lavrov spoke of removing "irritants" in the Moscow-Washington relationship. Well, there has been no bigger irritant since the Soviet Union became the Russian Federation than NATO. "Not one inch" further east than a reunified Germany James Baker lied to Mikhail Gorbachev about NATO expansion. "It's not aimed at you," the Clintons lied to Boris Yeltsin as NATO encompassed the Baltic states. Everything that guy wrote yesterday about American Korea policy applies to America's NATO policy and Lyin' Donald was correct during the campaign in which he stole the election via the Russians in calling the alliance "obsolete." BUT, NATO is NOT a threat to a Russia that has no intentions of becoming the Soviet Union and this week De Facto himself met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in D.C. and declared the alliance "not obsolete."

-The FISA court granted a warrant to the feds to investigate former Trump advisor Carter Page for his ties to Russia.