Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Hard work guarantees you nothing, but without it you don't have a chance."

That's a Riley-ism, too.

"The wisdom is reaching."

That's that song...the old Subaru Ski World theme song, don't remember it's name...that Marty Balin re-recorded...written by Joe---, tune by -----, Fuck! Interviewed that guy, too (by email.).

Those things are in conflict a little, however, no? Why work, even if it pays off, if  "it always ends"? We really are struggling naked against a huge bolder and in the end it "always" rolls back over us and crushes us to death. Why struggle? (Or at least put some clothes?)...I'm thinking...I'm writing as I'm thinking, which is contraindicated both ways, in hope that I will stumble upon the shining path.

In my work as a struggler against the bolder of the Law I have become acquainted with an inmate-run project called Life Path. It was started by an inmate who is serving a Life sentence and many other of Life Path's participants are doing life. The end purpose of Life Path is to improve the community, whatever community you are in, that is the key part. Including the prison community. So Life Path participants obey all rules and laws of their community, volunteer in the kitchen, around the yard, seek donations for TV's and videos for visiting family, polish the brass, etc. IN THE PRISON.

Why? Hope is one reason. Hope that their good deeds inside will lead to mitigation of their sentence for, "without it you don't have a chance." But also to be "successful"--in whatever community you are in. You want to be thrown in the hole? Keep on the path you're goin', brother. Here's another path that leads away from discipline in solitary confinement. And, "improving the community" is a good thing since you are part of that community. Less chance of getting shanked if everybody obeys the rules and laws. And...You feel good about yourself. You discover you have talents, that you're not destined to be a loser forever. You're trying, you're putting in l'effort. You discover that Success is in the reaching. Hard work has its own rewards.