Friday, April 14, 2017

"China issues stern warning to U.S., North Korea over their growing tensions"-WaPo

"The United States and South Korea and North Korea are engaging in tit for tat, with swords drawn and bows bent,” Wang said at a news conference after a meeting with visiting French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, Xinhua reported. “We urge all parties to refrain from inflammatory or threatening statements or deeds to prevent irreversible damage to the situation on the Korean Peninsula.”
"If they allow war to break out on the peninsula, they must bear the historical responsibility and “pay the corresponding price,” Wang warned. In the event of war, “multiple parties will lose, and no one will win,” he said. “It is not the one who espouses harsher rhetoric or raises a bigger fist that will win.”

Wang also indicated that China is willing to broker a resumption of “dialogue,” whether it be “official or unofficial, through one channel or dual channels, bilateral or multilateral.”

Now, let's think about this for a minute. China says all three parties are equally to blame. What in hell did South Korea do? They have given no tit for the DPRK's tat. They have drawn no swords, bent no bows. Other than exist they have done nothing.

The United States is involved, WHERE IT HAS NO NATIONAL INTEREST (only a "humanitarian" interest), its tit is in the ring and we've got warships circling. 

Obviously North Korea is "involved." China equates those three. Amazing.

Isn't there a fourth party? Wasn't there a fourth party to the Korean War? One that LOST 1,000,000 MEN?! Oh yes. Yes, there was actually. The People's Republic of China. The same People's Republic of China without who's financial and material support for sixty years the nation of racist dwarfs WOULD HAVE CEASED TO EXIST! Without whose continued support the DPEK would not have been able to embark on its drive for nuclear weapons. THAT People's Republic of China.

That People's Republic of China takes the People's Republic of China out of "historical responsibility" for war. "IF THEY ALLOW WAR TO BREAK OUT" does not include the People's Republic of China, according to the People's Republic of China. THEY, the Gang of Three, will "pay the price," not China, nah-ha, nope not us. Got nothin' to do with it. You guys want us to help you talk, we're good at translations, IT'S MORE THAN WE SHOULD DO! but if you want we'll help you talk.