Saturday, April 22, 2017

So what's news, anything? I hope not cuz I haven't been paying attention. Haven't looked in hours. Know what I've been doing?
                                                                   Looney Tunes! Never been cartoons as good as Looney Tunes in the 1950's. I've been watching them for sixty years. This one is a sequel to one called "Feed the Kitty". Love "Feed the Kitty." Same kitten in this one, which I have forgotten the name of already,.."Kitty Framed" or "Cat Framed," something like that, same Dog-Protector, the man of the house instead of the housewife in 'Feed the Kitty" and the villain, the big cat of the house. 'Toon opens with the adorable little kitty asleep on it's throw pillow.

Along comes the jealous big cat and...

That is so rude.
That's approximately what we used to do to Rusty on a cold day. Damn Rusty'd always be laying in front of the heat vent on the floor. GETOUTTATHERE!

As the big cat goes flying from the kick, he, Bartholomew?, I think that was the dog's name, puts Kitty back in her bed...
And then reaches to grab the big cat by the throat as he falls back to earth.
Oh, no, we're not done! He's not getting off with just a kick.
Right in the kisser!
The master of the house hears the ruckus. Ah jeez. Bartholomew hears him come and takes his eye off the cat to look up at him.

Smack! with the walking stick.

Ouch! But it's worth it to pummel the evil big cat and Bartholomew won't let him go just yet...

"Just one more? Just one more little punch?"

"Just like that. It'll help him come to."



Bartholomew is on queer street but he can't let the cat off so lightly. "What did you say? Down? You want me to put him down? I didn't hear."

"Then he has to go UP first, as I understand it."

"Up-a-daisy, cat."

"See master, up THEN DOWN, K?"

"See, DOWN. Am I a good dog?"

LOVE that cartoon. Never had seen it before.