Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Game Is Fixed

This is outrageous:

Injury Report for tom. at Chicago: Booker (rest), Lin (rest), Lopez (rest), Acy (ankle), Harris (shoulder) & Kilpatrick (hamstring) are out.6:27 PM · Apr 11, 2017

The Brooklyn "Nets" are the worst team, by a fair piece, in the NBA. They play their last game tonight in Chicago. After tonight they are off for the entire summer. You know, to "rest." Tonight's game, though of utterly no importance to them, is nonetheless of supassing importance to the playoff aspirations of Chicago, Indiana and Miami. And Brooklyn, for no colorable reason, just significantly tilted the floor. What, if anything, to do about this league-wide, disingenuous, rest contagion is the most ominous, vexing decision NBA commissioner Adam Silver has to make. The integrity of competition, the essence of any sport, is vitiated when teams "throw" games, whether because they are paid off, or because of this flagrantly, transparently bogus "rest" excuse.