Monday, April 24, 2017

There are no hockey fans like Edmonton "Oilers" hockey fans. Just watch, or, more to the point, listen to this, it's only 1:27 long: EdmontonSanJoseGame42006

Bees and Gees, this here undersigned has seen a lotta insane sports crowds in his 61 years. Until hearing that the most electric crowd I had ever been a part of was in 1984, a Monday Night Football game between the Chicago "Bears" and Miami "Dolphins." Not only did I not have my voice the next day but my palms were bruised from clapping. I had been in Miami all of two years, had the slimmest connection to the "Dolphins" but got that caught up in the game. That was the most intense, hard-hitting tackle football game I have ever witnessed. But for one peak frisson I have never heard a crowd react as insanely and as loudly (reportedly 123 decibels) as that "Oilers" crowd did in aught-six.

Brief background to the next video. San Jose fans thought they heard some boos in Edmonton's Rexall Place when the American anthem was played during that series. From what I have read, the "boos" did not occur, they were a distortion caused by TV mics. Nonetheless, the Americans in San Jose took offense and really DID boo "O Canada" as retaliation. The next game, back in Edmonton, no semblance of booing occurred during the playing of the "Star Spangled Banner." But when it came to the playing of "O Canada" the entire crowd joined in lustily singing. It so awed the "Oilers" singer that he stopped and turned his mic to the crowd to finish the anthem. That was a moment.

And so we fast forward eleven years and Edmonton is back in the playoffs for the first time in the new Rogers Place against...San Jose and this happens. Goose bumps, baby! EdmontonSanJoseOCanada2017