Thursday, April 27, 2017

Monumental Failure

De Facto Fool is trying to get something, anything, to show for his first 100 days. R&R ObamaCare, the Wall, China, North Korea, NAFTA, the guy has got a streak of yellow in him that becomes his orange hair. The official shoe wear of the Trump White House is the flip-flop. He's decided to take on inanimate objects for his scattershot practice and is taking aim at national monuments to cement his "legacy" by Saturday. So, he has gone on the attack, launching an out-of-nowhere verbal barage against parks, wetlands, land, waterways, the underground, accusing these mute offenders of depriving his real estate and business friends of their God-given right to pursue happiness by "developing" them. That's what he's doing. That and threatening to nuke Canada.