Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ooh boy, they booed M Trubisky when he was introduced at the "Bulls"-"Celtics" game in Chicago. Murder City felt M wasn't all that with one career start in college, against Pitt. Pitt was the measuring stick for quarterbacks in the draft. The answer to "How'd he do against Pitt?" took primacy over arm strength, Wunderlic scores, 40 yard dash times and all that jazz. "You, Deshaun Watson, how'd you do against Pitt?" Deshaun could only bow his head in shame. "Jew see how M did against Pitt?" Deshaun could only nod his head through tears.

I feel a puff of ill wind when contemplating my Beloveds and the upcoming scholarly tackle football season. The Rasputin of the Confluence is gone to become the Bard of the Bayou and Pitt just wouldn't have beaten some of the teams it did last year without his wizadry. Like Paterno-Sandusky. Like Duke. NEVER saw a more imaginative, lightening-fast, defense-befuddling offense at the college level. No mo that. No mo Nate Peterman (Eh), no mo James Connor. No mo "defensive" backs and secondary I HOPE. Some of those mo-fo's graduated, I hope. New OC, new QB, Sam-something I think, a transfer, as was Peterman, from USC. How many of those gaudy numbers the O put up last year were due to Rasputin's hypnosis of opposing D's? Gonna find out fer sher but I bet one of 'em's gonna be PSU. At the Shower Stall this fall. The "Nittany Pedo Bears" came on big time last year. After that Pitt loss--Did they lose another frigging game?--they ran the table or pert near and played in the Rose Bowl which they pert near won. Gonna be some celebratory buggery goin' on in the stands during that one, I bet, don't know fer sher but I bet.