Saturday, April 08, 2017

Cavalier Dandies

On March 31, the "Cavaliers" were massacred at the Alamo. Kyrie Irving wouldn't talk to reporters and LeBron James sat with his arm around him afterward.

On April 3, James started yelling at Tristan Thompson on the court, and on televison. Thompson yelled back. They went to time out and were still jawing.
Last night when he was pulled at the end of the game James made his disgust with his teammates clear for all to see again by deliberately sitting away from them.

After the blowout to San Antonio, James said,

"It's a delicate time right now for our team."

"Delicate." He has used a near synonym twice in the past, in separate years!

"We just a team that, we're a bit fragile at times..."-January 23, 2016.

"We're a very fragile team right now...Well, we were a fragile team from the beginning. Any little adversity hits us, we just shell up."-November 23, 2014.

That is what they are! Have been "from the beginning." "Delicate," "fragile," "mentally weak," that is what they are and always have been, I don't know why, but they are and if I was coach--This is reason #1078, I think.--or any official in Mistakedom I would "hate" it worse than any of them do and would probably spend the rest of my "career" doing life for team murder (I would plead insanity).