Friday, April 07, 2017

Islam, Trump Behind Swedish Terror Attack

But how many killed? The first report, top of the page, from NBC, says two; the next report down from The New York Times, says three, the next, BBC, has it as "at least 4;" the Daily Mail has it at five but they are the only source for five.

Donald Trump said a few weeks ago that a terror attack had just occurred in Sweden the night he spoke. Nothing of the sort happened, that night and for many nights, and years, past. Now his cult followers will (I predict) claim that their Seer had been correct all along and had predicted today's attack. Trump was not correct, he could not have made a more factually untrue statement, and he did not predict today's attack.

Donald Trump is a seed-planter, not a seet. He plants the seeds of violence in other people's minds, his statements encourage violence, he did so repeatedly during his campaign, and violence did occur. People, mostly his supporters, were arrested, and Trump encouraged further violence by publicly stating that he would pay one of his low-life's legal bills and on another occasion by stating that he personally wanted to punch a protester in the face. A federal judge ruled recently against a Trump motion to dismiss a civil suit filed by one of those injured, saying that Trump's statements, legally, could be taken by a reasonable person to be behind the violence that caused the injury, and therefore was a matter for a jury to determine.

Donald Trump's reckless, baseless claim weeks ago that a terror attack had just occurred in Sweden, along with Islam as it is practiced and preached today in much of the Muslim world, are behind today's terror attack in Stockholm.