Friday, April 07, 2017

The Miami "Heat" are a model NBA franchise and this is an example of its modus operandi:

...there has been the decision to go longer than mandated with Chris Bosh's roster spot, in order to protect against possibly salary-cap ramifications, as well as retaining Udonis Haslem as a player when he essentially has been cast in a coaching role, having now not played since Feb. 4. Had the Heat filled two of those roster spots, there might have been more length to defend Danilo Gallinari and perhaps another true ballhandling/ball-hawking point guard to alleviate the burden on Goran Dragic. The means for a more productive roster were there. The Heat, instead, elected to handle the situation otherwise.

Salary cap uber alles. That is what first turned the worm for LeBron James. That is why Dwyane Wade is in Chicago. And that is why the "Heat" are in the position of being an underdog to make the playoffs. THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS! They had TWO roster spots to fill and decided to go in a different direction. That is unprofessional, it is disrespectful to the game, it is unfair to the hard-working players on the roster, and to their excellent coach, and it is cheating of the ticket-buying public. That is no model franchise.