Friday, April 07, 2017

Trump, you're fat, okay? Let's dispense with the euphemisms to soften the blow, you're too soft as it is. You're fat. A porker. A human dirigible. You're Two Ton Trumpie.You don't miss a meal, do you? I thought you were on a diet. What, the Dunkin' Donuts diet? You have more chins than a Chinese phonebook. You get your suits tailored at Tent City of Savile Row. When you fuck Melanoma doggy you have to lift your belly up to get to your dick...Oh, she doesn't let you fuck her anymore? She lets everybody else. And Trump, your ass? Your ass is bigger than Kim Kardashian's. I'm nominating your ass instead of Kim Kardashian's as the ninth planet, to replace Pluto.