Thursday, April 06, 2017

Desperately ill, he rose to speak only at the prodding of his hosts:

Mr. Chairman, I am not making speeches over here. I am reporting what I see to Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, my president, a great man, a very great man. But now that I am here and on my feet, perhaps I may say in the language of the old book.

And here he stared down the table directly at his president's counterpart,

Whither thou goest, I will go;
And where thy lodgeth, I will lodge;
Thy people shall be my people;
And thy God, my God.

He paused, and as he sat down, said, barely audibly,

Unto the end.

Harry Hopkins to Winston Churchill and British officialdom, North British Station Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland, January 17, 1941.