Saturday, April 08, 2017

I am the happiest, most content, most fulfilled man--Yes, this is still me here, whaddya mean?--I love my life.

I have the most beautiful, warm-hearted children who love me and who are entering upon honorable manhood and womanhood.

I live in a dynamic, vibrant city in the most beautiful physical setting I have ever seen, with the physically most beautiful people I have ever seen. When I went to bed last night and saw that the temperature was to be 60 at daybreak, I could not wait for 6 am to come. The morning sky now is the approximate color of Trump's hair.

I have the most interesting job I can imagine. I thought of one of my murder cases each time I awoke during the night. It is one of the most fascinating cases in that utterly fascinating genre that I have ever handled. I cannot put it away. When I got up today I immediately sent an email of things I want done to my private investigator. Every day, at night too, I am eager to begin work on it again.

I have the Purple Palace, outfitted to my needs and by my tastes, as my den and my refuge always, with my books, my blog, and you.

I want for nothing. My life is heaven on earth.