Saturday, April 08, 2017

Three days ago the Cleveland "Cavaliers" went into Boston and gang-banged the Leprechaun, their close challenger for Eastern supremacy. There was awed commentary that the game was proof Cleve could just kick into championship gear whenever it felt like it.

Last night they were back to the comforts of the Pawnshop against Atlanta who decided that discretion was the better part of valor and left four starters in civies. And Cleveland just didn't feel like it.

Atlanta won by two touchdowns.

It was "the most embarrassing loss of the season," said one of the officials in Mistakedom. Sayeth another, "I don't fucking get it." T. Lue, the general commanding of these cavalier dandies was as pointed if less salty:

"...we thought we'd just mess around with the game until it was time to knuckle down...That's who we've been. That's who we are. I hate it.

"Just stupid, man."

Cleveland is a mentally weak team. They do not hate. They do not hate losing, as Pat Riley did, as Michael Jordan did, and Lue is right to hate that lack of hate.