Sunday, April 09, 2017

My Hatred of Trump Supporters. deep, abiding, never ending.

I will never knowingly associate with a Trump supporter.
I will never employ a Trump supporter.
I will never knowingly do business with a Trump supporter.
I will never give financial aid to a struggling person if (s)he supported Trump.
I will never attempt rescue of a Trump supporter in imminent danger of great bodily harm, even of death.

I take it as personal duty to be intolerant of the intolerant, to hate haters. And I HATE them, then, now, forever.

Never thought I was alone in my hatred and I am not. These speak my feelings and my language.

“I absolutely despise these people.Truly the worst of humanity. To hell with every one of them.”
"I’m just going to say it. I hate these people. They are stupid and selfish. Screw them. Lose your jobs, sit home and die.”
“ALL Trump voters are racist and deplorable...We should never pander to the Trumpites.”
“Sorry, but if someone is supporting a racist ignoramus who wants to round up brown ppl and steal my money, I’m gonna patronize.”
“This is normalization of a hateful ideology and it’s shameful."
“My tone isn’t patronizing. It’s hostile. Intentionally. I won’t coddle those who refuse to recognize my humanity.”
“What a great idea! Let’s recruit a whole bunch of bigoted unthinking lizard brains because we could possibly ‘WIN!’”