Sunday, April 09, 2017

The Mistake Falls Into The Lake

Oh my effing God

Team Delicate, Team Fragile, Team Mentally Weak, the Cleveland "Cavalier Dandies" just collapsed.

I was tracking the game earlier, they were up 20-something, I believe it was, in the third and everytime I refreshed their lead kept increasing. Was gonna write, "They decided to play today."

I see the lead got up to 93-67 entering the fourth. 93. 67. At which time Atlanta outscored them 44-18. Forcing overtime. Atlanta won 126-125. Atlanta. The team that beat them by two TD's in the Pawnshop while playing five Amish guys.

Cleveland plays in Miami tomorrow night.

You're a frigging disgrace to professional basketball, "Cavaliers." You are not professionals, you disgrace the word "professional." You are pussies.