Tuesday, April 04, 2017

"That was not a good national title game"-ESPN

Good morning, how did you sleep? Besides throwing up on myself in my sleep and almost choking to death I slept well, thanks.

"Monday night's national championship game -- beset by an abundance of foul calls, poor offense and a sleep-inducing rhythm -- stunk."

Oh! Another person who doesn't like scholarly short pants basketball! I see said the blind man. Who would that other person be? Oh, that's right, me. Go on Myron Medcalf, tell us more.

"North Carolina won a championship after making just 15 percent of its 3-point attempts and 58 percent of its free throws. Excuse us for refusing to stand on a chair and dance for the Tar Heels or a Gonzaga squad that accrued two seven-point leads in the first half but finished 8-for-29 after halftime."

58% on free throws! Must have been the good defense! Hey, it's still better than 8/29, 28%.

"There were 44 fouls and 52 free throws between the two teams. The Bulldogs committed 14 turnovers. Przemek Karnowski finished 1-for-8. Justin Jackson, a projected first-round pick in this summer's NBA draft, finished 6-for-19."

44 fouls! Those result in "stoppages of play," right? Where the scholars dance to the free throw line and clank 42% of the time. Not exciting to watch?


Which is the approximate sound I made in the middle of the night!

"Could we all just go to sleep -- many probably did -- and try again tomorrow?"

"...the lackluster action, missed shots, numerous foul calls by overzealous officials -- Collins picked up his fifth foul with 5:03 to play -- more missed shots and bad basketball ruined the season's biggest night."

"Beyond the fouls, however, Gonzaga and North Carolina missed an abundance of easy shots. It's never any fun when teams can't score."

The scholars needed more time in the classroom before this final.

"Every year, the naysayers tout their critical views of the game. They say they prefer the NBA or other sports due to the unwatchable affairs they witness throughout the college basketball season.

"If Monday night's game was college basketball's final pitch to them, then they all slammed the door and told us to never come back.

"Can you blame them?"

Not I!